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Asian tourist destinations on 5 points per week for 48 weeks straight, then his account would still show a positive figure of about $426. In other words, for a non-profitable Forex trader to add funds to a shrinking account is a folly, for he can theoretically trade as long as he wants without ever depleting his initial stake. Adding funds to fatten up an account should only be done when profitable across the board and never in a desperate attempt to swing things around by trading bigger. Granted, this holds up mainly for the Forex market and may not apply to futures or stocks, where you may not be able to place a trade without a certain minimum balance in the account. But do check with your Forex broker on this matter also, because some may have put up a minimum barrier as well. The great benefit of trading spot Forex, and particularly functional when compounding, is that we can increase our trade volume in the smallest of increments. Instead of having to add a full contract, as in the case of the futures market, we can add just a handful of units on the next trade if we so desire ( 1 00,000 units being a full contract). Asian tourist destinations 2016.

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