ASCLEPAS of Gaza d. after 343. Opponent of Arius; during the anti-Nicene reaction after 325, he was deposed charge unknown in 327 in a council at Antioch presided over by Eusebius of Caesarea. Exiled, he returned to Gaza in 337 after Constantine’s death and sought to reoccupy the see, provoking tumults and violence. Forced to again abandon it, he took refuge at Rome; in 341 we find him at Constantinople supporting Paul, the deposed local bishop, who tried to reenter the city after the death of Eusebius of Nicomedia. In 343 he was at Serdica, and the Westerners restored him. Socrates HE II, 23 and Sozomen HE III, 24 mention a return to Gaza in 346 on the occasion of Athanasius’s return to Alexandria, perhaps the one in 337. DHGE 4,901-902; Simonetti 585; G. Fernndez, La deposici³n del obispo Asclepas de Gaza: Studia Historica. Historia Antigua 13-14 1995-1996 401-404.á Orange á on Pinterest | Orange, Orange Door and Autumn travelquaz

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