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As Suwayda Travel on Your Honor, Jess stated quickly, the state contends that this evidence, while admittedly hearsay, is definitely probative. It goes to the heart of the state’s case against Mr Ferguson. The fact is that the state has nothing that links my client to the dead woman except a series of unsubstantiated, secondhand claims. Judge McMahon, Jess said, noting the judge’s cheeks were now brushed with broad strokes of crimson, the state intends to call Connie’s best friend and a co-worker to the stand. Both women will testify that Connie DeVuono was terrified of Rick Ferguson, that she told them he’d threatened to kill her if she testified against him. Your Honor, we’re just going round in circles here. Don raised his arms in exasperation. As Suwayda Travel 2016.

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