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Aryanah Travel on This view of the matter has certainly relegated to a deserved obscurity the old interpretation of the Titanomachy as a symbolic representation of the struggle between the forces of nature, the powers of storm and darkness pitted against those of sunshine and light in the unending struggle which makes the weather. The present explanation must perhaps remain a hypothesis, but it is not to be so lightly overthrown, for it rests on at least some positive evidence, and not merely on a preconceived notion to which, indeed, the evidence offers but little support.1 In describing the dual character of the historic Zeus, it became clear that the contrast between Aegean and Homeric cults was, generally speaking, a contrast between a religion of the soil, a worship of the fertility of the earth not unmixed with magical practices to secure its continuance, and a religion of the sky, whose 1 The historical explanation has been supported by most modem scholars, though not necessarily as a certainty. Nilsson for example (Afin.-Myc. Rel. pp. Aryanah Travel 2016.

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