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Arkhangelrskaya Travel on ) Now the chief danger incurred by both wayfarers and flocks in early Greece was from If Hermes could^jro- tect from these, he must have been believed to have some control over them, and this in fact he has, as we see from literature as early as the Homeric Hymn to Hermes, where it is said that he was not only enjoined by Apollo to tend the horned oxen that dwell in the fields, the horses and labouring mules, but was given dominion over fierce lions and sharp-tusked boars and dogs and_ flocks and all cattle that the wide earth nurtures.1 There is moreover considerable evidence to connect him with hunters. We have noted already that on the red-figured vase showing Hermes standing upright in his heap of stones, a libation is being offered to him by Kephalos, who is doubtless soliciting his favour in the hunt. In front of him stands Artemis, dressed for the chase with two spears in her hand. This connexion of the god of the stone-heaps with wild animals is to be traced also in Minoan art. We see two wild goats with their forefeet on the cairn, also two lions with their forefeet on it, standing in heraldic attitudes. Moreover the same animal-headed daemons which were to be seen bringing libations to the hermaion also appear carrying the carcases of wild animals or showing their authority over them by placing their hands upon their heads. Arkhangelrskaya Travel 2016.

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