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Arizona Travel on Achilles, in his wiath and grief at the death of his friend, puts his hands upon the dead man’s breast and cries: All am I now performing which aforetime I vowed: to drag Hector hither and give him as a raw feast to the dogs, and to slit the throats of twelve noble sons of the Trojans before thy pyre, because of my anger at thy death. Achilles reason, in the poet’s eyes, seems to be little more than the relief of his own feelings, and when in the following night the ghost of Patroklos appears to make its request, it does not seem to stand in need of anything of the sort. It asks only for a quick burial, bccause until the body is buried, the psyche is denied entrance to Hades, and must wander forlornly outside. That is all. It is a shade of the usual Homeric type, an eidolon or pale bodiless image of the living man. Having said its say to Achilles, it vanished 1 Cf. especially the remarks on p. Arizona Travel 2016.

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