Argentina Map

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Argentina Map on The paradox was of course that members of the communist party who were officially fighting the black market were actually its first clients. Through the black market they could obtain services and commodities unavailable on the legal market. It was surely no accident that even the first very tentative and partial actions by the various communist regimes to abolish or restrain many of their more extreme police-state practices during the last decades of the 20th century soon resulted in an enormous expansion of black market activity, despite the fact that these governments were also just beginning to loosen up their control of the economy at the same time. In ESTONIA underground dealings are accountable for the 39 percent of the gross domestic product and the figures rise up to 45 percent for Russia and peak to the 51 percent for Ukraine. Underground markets represent the largest section of the domestic products of dictatorial regimes in developing countries: 65 percent in Bolivia and up to 76 percent in NIGERIA, just to limit the example to the most apparent cases. The currency used for these illegal transactions is the U.S. Argentina Map 2016.

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