ARETHAS 6th c.. The city of Nagran was conquered in 523 by Du Nuwas, king of the Jewish Himyarites, who massacred those inhabitants who would not renounce Christianity. Among them was Al-Harith, whom Greco-Latin texts call Arethas. Du Nuwas related a summary of the events in a letter to the king of the Arab Himyarites. Present at its reading were bishops George of Rusafah and Simeon of Bet-Arsham; the latter wrote a letter BHO 99, the former a passion BHO 105, to pass on what they had learned. The original Syriac of the passion was translated into Greek BHG 166-167 and Latin BHL 671. The Latin version was made at Naples, where it seems there was a church in honor of the martyr, renamed Santa Reta in the 17th c. Vies des SS., Paris 1952, 10, 810; DHGE 3, 1650-1653; LTK 1,892; BS 2,401-403; J. Ryckmans, La Perscution des chr- tiens himyarites, Istanbul 1956, 18ff.; BBKL 1,207-208; LTKBulletin November 6, 2011 | Christ the Saviour Orthodox Christian … travelquaz

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