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Aragua Travel on Nevertheless he appears to have held, as the passage at the end of the Ethics would suggest, that nous, the highest manifestation of the reasoning faculty, was of a different order from the other vital principles, and to have left open the possibility that it might be a separate substance existing in its own right and survive the death of the body and of the faculties of nutrition, sensation and mere putting two and two together (syllogismos), which belong to man as a composite crcature. We cannot hope to understand Aristotle’s inmost thoughts about the nature of nous, for he has nowhere set them down in the writings that survive. But side by side with the hints in the Ethics we may put a passage like this from the De anima: For Aristotle the individual alone, the to8c t 1 or ovvBtrov, has full separate existence, (p. 356 above.) The individual, as he says in the Categories, is substance in the primary sense. Specific and generic forms are secondary substances, because they exist only in the individuals and not independently. The primary purpose of the philosopher therefore must be to understand the individual. Aragua Travel 2016.

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