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Aragatsotn Travel on By expelling the Jews, one might argue, Spain lost the chance to have Derrida as one of its native sons. Who knows how many other men and women of genius it lost in that expulsion of 1492? Gypsy music, stories, and other cultural accomplishments are of high quality. Spain has never fully recovered from the autoimmunitary damage it did to itselfby expelling the Jews and the Moors, as weIl as by burning so many supposedly heretic Christians in the autos-da-f of the Inquisition. Auto in this case means Postmodern Communities in Pync’hon and Cervantes 295 free act, with an overtone of an act performed by the self: as in an autoimmune reaction. The heretics were supposed to condemn themselves in an act of faith that led to their public condemnation and burning at the stake. The episodes involving ethnie minorities count, therefore, as yet more examples of the suicidaI autoimmunitary pattern I daim aU, or almost aH, of the episodes of The Dogs’ Colloquy share. That pattern emerges trom a comparison or superimposition of the episodes by a reader who asks, What do they have in common? Why did Cervantes choose to have Berganza experience just this particular string of picaresque adventures? The Witch in The Dogs’ Colloquy I shall now account for the most complex and most problematic example of the autoimmunitary in The Dogs’ Colloquy. Aragatsotn Travel 2016.

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