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Apure Travel on Singlehandedly, and with great difficulty, he persuades the now disillusioned Nostromo to try to recover his sense of himself by making his ta.mous four-day ride to Cayta to tell Barrios the situation and ta come back with him by boat to take over the town for the Separatists and Blancos, thereby saving the mine and, with it, Emilia. Even more dangerously, to himself and others, Dr. Monygham makes use ofhis evil reputation in the town to persuade Sotillo, who is maddened with greed for the silver that he believes must be still hidden somewhere, that he has come to betray Gould by telling Sotillo that the silver has been sllnk in the harbor ta be recovered later. The time Sotillo spends fruitlessly dragging the harbor, in increasing rage and frustration, gives Nostromo time to get to Barrios. It gives Barrios time to enter the harbor just as Sotillo is about ta hang Dr. Monygham by the derrick on the afterdeck ofhis ship. Apure Travel 2016.

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