APRINGIUS of Beja mid-6th c.. Spanish exegete, author of an unoriginal Commentary on the Apocalypse. Influenced by Tyconius, the commentary tends to lighten the eschatalogical tension of the Johannine text, referring it to the whole time of the church, not just the last days. Compared with other authors of this tendency, the anti-Roman animus of the Apocalypse is not entirely removed: the woman sitting on the beast is Rome, and the fall of Babylon is the fall of Rome.

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On the other hand, the millenarian points are eliminated: the first resurrection of the righteous is that of baptism per fidem, and the thousand years of this resurrection signify the entire time of the church. CPL 1093. D­az 14; PLS 4,1221-1248; DHGE 3,1072; M.

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