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April vacation destinations on If not, ad hoc adjustments at the stop side are always an option, too. Let us examine the exit options on the trades above bar 9 and 10. The first obstructive element to have taken into account was a ceiling test with the low of bar 4, about 1 3 pip out when measured from the break of bar 9 . In regard to the break of bar 10, however, this level re- 153 Understanding Price Action sided too close to meet the minimum target; this left the high of bar 3 as the first exit candidate in line. (An alternative tactic here, savvy but not without risk, is to deploy a resistance exit a little above bar 3, in anticipation of a false high turnaround.) As stated, even in a ranging market it may not always be necessary to exit a trade in resistance. When the buildup prior to entry is of very fine quality, prices may very well pop beyond whatever obstruction lies on the way. April vacation destinations 2016.

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