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Anzoategui Travel on This risks leading to a kind of transmutation by which the privileged position that has been traditionally occupied by the state (and the party) becomes a theory of the primacy and autonomy of the moment of articulation. Implicit in this position are a defense of the old rights of sovereignty –  and a commitment to democratic rights of self-government that can only be imagined within the institutional framework of the modern state (Mouffe 2005,101). The emphasis on what Laclau calls constitutive antagonism, or the radical frontier fracturing social space (Laclau 2005, 85), inscribes politics within a horizon dominated by the production of unity (of the people)”the political act par excellence (154)- The ghost of the state looms behind Laclau’s people. Considering Ranciere and Laclau together, one has the impression that both the insurgence of the part of those who have no part and the performative production of a chain of equivalence between heterogeneous social demands inscribe themselves within an institutional framework that is never really questioned. One of the problems with Ranciere’s understanding of the relation between politics and police is, indeed, that it is difficult to imagine the result of the rupture through which egalitarian logic comes and divides the police community from itself (Ranciere 1998,137) as something different from yet another regime of police. The point is even clearer when it comes to Laclau, who equates politics with a moment of articulation of or equivalence between heterogeneous social struggles and demands. As we show in the next chapter, this argument relies on a transcendental perspective that is at once posited and withdrawn, replicating the position of the state in the mainstream of modern political philosophy from Hobbes to Hegel. Anzoategui Travel 2016.

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