Antalya map

The existance of excellent natural conditions for a harbor suggests the probability that there was a port there already. A modest naval base at first, it gradually grew into a prosperous city, and was called first Attaleia, Attalia, then Adalia, Adalya, and finally Antalya, after its founder Attalus II. It soon overshadowed its neighbouring cities which were not so richly endowed. The rule of Pergamum was short in Antalya, and the city was soon captured by Mediterranean pirates. With the defeat of the pirates by Consul P. Servilius, the city passed under Roman rule and entered a greater period of civilization. As people of Antalya remained loyal to Rome, they enjoyed all the privileges of Roman citizens. While highly prosperous cities such as Aspendos, Side, Perge, Sylleum, and Termessos began to decline during the Byzantine period, Antalya continued to flourish as an importat center of trade With the growth of its population by migrations from Greece, the Aegean Islands, and Western Anatolia, Pamphylia attained a high level of civilization but in no period of history appears to have been a major political organization. Pamphylia was always subject to states founded in Anatolia, or to powers who invaded Anatolia.

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