Angeles City Philippines Map

Electricity :

The outlets are 220-240 volts, but most hotels offer outlets for 110-120 voltages. Try to research this first before you blow up the building.

Recommended Restaurants :

Since this info can change weekly, we can’t recommend enough the “Zagat Survey.” Pick up their travel book, or signup online. Worldwide reviews, menus, and pricing, ( )

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Crime :

Like any poverty stricken country, crime and hustlers flourish. Common sense should keep you out of trouble. There are scams involving guys pretending to be pimps trying to lure you to private parties full of girls. Avoid free rides to anywhere. Avoid walking around at night. Avoid guys knowing the best place to convert money. If you take a taxi, make sure the driver turns on the meter. If he gives you a story that it is broken, get out and take another taxi. Some restaurants try to sweet talk you into their specially meal and get you to order it without an upfront price, then they hit

you with a $60-75 bill. Always get the price up front. Avoid the jeepneys and trikes, they are full of pickpockets. Pay the extra buck for a taxi.

Take nightclubs or girls advice from Americans or tourists only, the locals are only looking the scam you with a smile, (think your wife).

ATMS in daylight are very much subject to high street crime in the Philippines. Pay cash for your drinks in the bar, no tabs

Note: you have to be careful moving around because the streets, if you can call them that, are like a video game to walk through. There are no sidewalks, and every 2 seconds you’re almost run over by a jeep, taxi, or bicycle.

Skip the clubs on the north side of Fields Avenue, west of Papillion Bar. DO NOT go into “Why Not Music Box” or “Sky Trax Disco”. These businesses are for the local Filipinos. There are periodic reports of violence against foreigners who venture into areas full of drunk, single Filipino men. DO NOT drink the water, make sure all your food is cooked…skip all the street food vendors, and all unknown drinks handed to you.

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