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Andhra Pradesh Travel on As modern structuralist Freudians such as Lacan have shown, the two key terms Freud uses for the dreamwork, condensation and displacement, correspond to two figures of speech, those porcelain dogs, chiens de faience, of modern rhetorical theory, as Grard Genette calls them: metaphor and metonymy. In trying to satisfy her love and compassion for her husband by way of her compassion for the sufferings of the common people, Emilia Gould has made the linguistic mistake of taking a trope literally, in this case identifying two adjacent objects of compassion. What else can she do? Her capacity for love and compassion must express itself somehow. Nostromo can, lilze Proust’s la recherche du temps perdu, be defined as an elaborate analysis through many different examples of the way person-to-person and person-to-community relations are governed by the penchant human beings have for making the elemental mistake of taking a fictive tropological identification as though it were literally true. It is like trying to grow grapes by the luminosity of the word day. This, according to Paul de Man, is the essence of ideology: What we caU ideology is precisely the confusion oflinguistic with natural reality, of reference with phenomenalism.42 Conrad says repeatedly that the characters’ obsessions are illusions, a different one for each person. Andhra Pradesh Travel 2016.

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