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The first historical document attesting a Christian presence in the region of Edessa is the epitaph of Abercius second half of 2nd c.. Eusebius HE V,23,4 mentions the bishops of Osroene who, toward the end of the 2nd c., Anchorage municipality Subway Map sent the other churches a letter expounding their point of view on the question of Easter. But the most important document remains the Chronicle of Edessa, a 6th-c. compilation based on much older archival documents.

The work starts with the flood that struck Edessa in AD 201 and particularly damaged the Christian church. The only important earlier events, mentioned after the account of this catastrophe, are the birth of Christ, the apostasy of Marcion in 138 and the birth of Bardesanes in 154. The birth of Mani in 240 is also noted, but there is nowhere any mention of the conversion of the king of Edessa. Anchorage municipality Subway Map At present, the conversion of Abgar IX the Great is no longer considered historically proven. Only one fact is certain: at the beginning of the 3rd c., the church of Edessa was linked to the see of Antioch; it was to Antioch that Palut went to receive episcopal consecration from the hands of Serapion. Soon after, in 216, Osroene was annexed by the Roman Empire.

Despite Edessa’s links with Antioch, local Christianity continued to show a great variety of forms. Anchorage municipality Subway Map Edessa’s cultural and religious milieu was fertile ground for the birth of a multitude of sects, more or less gnostic. Works like the Odes of Solomon early 2nd c., the Gospel of Thomas mid 2nd c., Bardesanes’s Book of the Laws of the Countries and Tatian’s Address to the Greeks second half of 2nd c. were composed, even if not all of them, at Edessa, where they enjoyed great popularity. Tatian’s Diatessaron shows signs of the author’s encratism. The start of the 3rd c. saw an increase in Marcionite influence and the appearance of the Acts of Thomas.

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