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An Giang Travel on Ghosh’s novel is a testimony to such processes of bordering. Centrally concerned with the 1947 .Partition of the South Asian subcontinent and the communal riots that preceded the East Pakistan Liberation War, which led to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971, The Shadow Lines also explores another series of borders that divide people from others and themselves. These include the borders separating colonizer from colonized, present from past, memory from reality, identity from image, and, last but not least, the cognitive and generic borders that mark different territories of knowledge and writing. This proliferation of borders, both conceptual and material, is part of what we call border as method. One of our primary concerns in this book is to trace and analyze the relations between different kinds of borders, as weE as the struggles and knowledge conflicts that arise along them. With this approach comes the need to negotiate the sense in which borders are typically understood as predominantly geographical constructs. An Giang Travel 2016.

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