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Amnat Charoen Travel on / The Race for Talent Studies of border politics have typically focused on the experiences and struggles of unskilled and often undocumented migrants and asylum seekers who encounter the Ml force of the border’s filtering functions. By contrast, studies that deal with the question of skilled migration tend to evade the question of the border, emphasizing instead issues such as recruitment, remuneration, and even cultural integration. Often it seems as if skilled and unskilled migrants occupy different universes of migration, living in parallel worlds where the experiences and political stakes of their mobilities are radically incongruous. In many public discussions there is even a reflexive and fallacious tendency to correlate skilled migrants with documented mobility and assume that illegal migrants must be unskilled. If viewed from the perspective of temporal borders, this tendency to place a firm border between skilled and unskilled migration is increasingly problematic. Consider the benching of Indian it workers. These are undoubtedly highly skilled individuals who have invested time and money”the latter often derived from family arrangements such as dowries”to acquire programming and other labor skills saleable through the body shopping system. Amnat Charoen Travel 2016.

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