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Americas best vacations on Estelle drove the brand new 1974 green Cadillac, non-driver Stringbean’s one concession to celebrity. Returning home around 11:15 P.M., Stringbean noticed his homemade burglar alarm, a piece of fishing line stretched across the drive – way, was broken. He walked to the door of the darkened cabin, fished a .22-caliber pistol out of the tote bag containing his stage clothes, and opened the door. The banjo player fired at a shadowy form, and in the ensuing struggle was fatally shot just inside the doorway. Americas best vacations 2016.

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Once on the British Airways plane I collapsed into my seat in relief. After eight weeks leave, I joined the SS Benledi in Hull one bleak Sunday morning. Hull is a nice place to those who are born and live there, I’m sure, but it was never a port that inspired me. On that Sunday in the early morning, the grey clouds matched the grey buildings, a thick yellow air hung over the place like a pall of sickness. I had arranged with Hertz that they would collect my hire car from the dock.

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