American Impact Of The Revolution

The American Revolution had a critical impact on class or, at least, on the perception of class in American society. Unlike later revolutions such as those in France and Haiti the American Revolution did not see a dramatic change in the composition of the ruling class. With the exception of some wealthy loyalists, forced to flee after Britain's defeat, the merchants and landholders who held sway in the colonies composed much of the ruling elite in the new United States. They were now, however, less likely to command the kind of automatic loyalty, or deference, they once had.

Participation in the Revolution led many ordinary farmers and artisans to believe that they had a voice in their own governance. They were no longer willing to except, without question, the rule of their social betters. Of course, this social transformation had been going on during colonial times, but the Revolution accelerated the pace.

By eliminating British imperial restrictions on trade and westward expansion, the Revolution also opened up economic opportunities for poor and middling whites. Along with those opportunities came a more fluid class order. Ty M.

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