AMBROSE d. ca. 250. Friend and patron of Origen. A rich Alexandrian whose intellectual interests led him to the Valentinian sect, Ambrose was led by Origen back to orthodoxy. Wishing to receive from his teacher the intellectual nourishment, the lack of which had led him into heresy, he played an important role in Origen’s activity as a writer; he put considerable resources at Origen’s disposal and continually urged him to write, so much so that Origen called him God’s slave-driver Com. Io. V,1. Origen continued to have contact with Ambrose at Caesarea in Palestine, and they traveled together to Nicomedia. Jerome knew Ambrose’s letters to Origen, which gave evidence of his acuity Vir. ill. 56. Origen dedicated a siginificant portion of his work to him, esp. the Ex. mart., since Ambrose had been persecuted under Maximinus Thrax 235. He survived, since the Contra Celsum was written at his initiative; according to Jerome he died before Origen. He had a wife, Marcella, and children PG 11, 85CD.Memorial of St. Ambrose of Milan | The Catholic Catalogue travelquaz

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