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Amazonas Travel on Her body felt light, suspended in mid-air. She wondered where the bullet had struck her, how long it would take her to fall to the floor. He’d be waiting to rip the remaining clothes off her near lifeless body, to force himself inside her, smothering her with his weight, overwhelming her with his odors. Already she could feel his fingers tearing at her, his tongue licking at her blood. His would be the last face she would see, his grin the sight she would take with her to her grave. And suddenly, she was spinning around and Rick Ferguson was coming at her, his hands reaching toward her, his face white with fury, his smile gone. And then he was falling, tumbling toward her, and Jess realized that she was all right, that she hadn’t been shot, that it was Rick Ferguson who was plunging to the floor, sprawling across her stockinged feet, that it was Rick Ferguson who was dead. Amazonas Travel 2016.

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