Such an Amazing Day Honeymoon in Vegas

After 2 years of being engaged, me and my other half finally set a date for our wedding. We went for a Summer wedding, as you do, and we chose an amazing location on the south downs. Being from Ireland we picked up our esta visa online easily and headed for Vegas baby!

We got our perfect wedding rings from a store that came recommended from a friend. All that was left was to actually go to the wedding and have a great time! After we successfully tied the knot with minimal embarrassment from any drunken friends and relatives, the time had come for us to go on our much-anticipated honeymoon to Vegas. Now, most couples fancy a nice sandy beach with cocktails and sun bathing. Well my new wife and me decided we’d go somewhere slightly different! Here’s a short summary of our honeymoon trip.

The Hotel

First things first, we got checked into our lovely hotel right near the main strip. The service in the hotel was impeccable and the room service was even

better! The hotels location was perfect for us as it was within a 10-minute walk to the main strip and had plenty of places to drink and eat near the hotel.

The Bright Lights

You can’t really do anything with the bright lights, but I’ve listed them here because the sheer amount of neon lights is spectacular and impressive. It

really adds to the lively atmosphere that surrounds Vegas. It’s great for photo opportunities also!

The Casinos

Well where to begin. I guess we can begin with saying that we put money aside especially for this. We made sure that we wouldn’t dip into our savings and gambled responsibly. That being said, we really had a great time. We visited Caesar’s Palace and the MGM Grand. We had success in both but ultimately, by the end of the honeymoon, we lost about 50% of our money that we put aside, which to be honest wasn’t actually that bad. We had a great time doing it, although I’m never trusting my wife playing poker again! She has an amazing poker face!

The Shows

As is custom in the great city of Vegas, we had to stop by a Vegas show before we caught our flight home. We’d seen David Copperfield posters all around Vegas so we figured, why the hell not! We were not disappointed. It was seriously impressive! It was a perfect way to round off the perfect holiday.

The Vegas trip was perfect and we left with a bundle full of memories. One thing is for certain; we’re going back there next year!

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