AMASTRIS:Amastrij. Bishopric of Asia Minor on the Euxine Black Sea. Civil metropolis of Ora Pontica, its bishop Palmas presided, perhaps as such, over a synod of bishops of Pontus ca. 190.

Birthplace of the martyr St. Hyacinth 4th c.. In the conciliar period the city was part of Paphlagonia and became the first suffragan see of Gangra, still its position in the first episcopal Notitia 7th c..

Made an independent autocephalous archbishopric ca. 800 at the request of its bishop St. George, who became famous because of an Arab attack late 8th c..

St. John of the Goths sought refuge and died there 785. Birthplace of St.

Sergius Magister and the empress St. Theodora ca. 800.

Modern Amasra is in the province of Zonguldak. 

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