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AMANDUS of Bordeaux 4th-5th c.. According to tradition the third bishop of Bordeaux, succeeding Delphinus, who raised him, ca.401404. The dates of his birth and death are uncertain.

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As a priest he prepared Paulinus, Ausonius's pupil and the future bishop of Nola, for baptism, and exchanged frequent letters with him: see Letters 2, 9, 12, 15, 36 of Paulinus. They show in Amandus a man intent upon exegetical and theological questions, and a friend to whom Paulinus makes personal confidences. According to Paulinus and Gregory of Tours, Amandus was a man of extraordinary erudition and morals.

Possibly identifiable with the priest of the same name to whom Jerome sends letter 55, discussing exegetical questions and the case of a remarried divorced person. Elected bishop, he took energetic measures against paganism and the Priscillianist heresy, aided by St. Severinus.

According to Gregory of Tours it was at this time that he left the office of bishop to Severinus, to then take it up again after Severinus's death: this however seems to be legendary. Gregory of Tours, In gloria confessorum, XXV; R.‰tienne, Bordeaux antique, Bordeaux 1962; H.

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AMANDUS of Bordeaux

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AMANDUS of Bordeaux

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AMANDUS of Bordeaux

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