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Alzksne Novads Travel on They make the reader see, almost as vividly as if a camera eye had recorded the scene. Many of Conrad’s fictions have, it happens, been made into films. This has occurred twice already for Nostromo, once back in the 1920S as a film and then again quite recently for television. Conrad’s novels and stories seem to invite such translation into the predominantly visual medium of cinema. Sometimes the text, with its careful notation of colors and shapes, almost reads like detailed directions for its filming, as in the following small example, one of a great many: From the middle of the gulf the point of the land itself [of the Punta Mala is not visible at aIl; but the 194 Conrad’s Colonial (Non)Community: Nostromo shoulder of a steep hill at the back can be made out faintly like a shadow on the sky (4). The camera eye is by no means entirely impersonal. The camera itself is an apparatus that receives light in certain ways. Alzksne Novads Travel 2016.

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