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All inclusive on Please understand that assessing buildup is never a matter of counting bars per se, nor about striving for technical perfection. While we may entertain some preference for one situation more than another (for example to see at least four bars in a squeeze) , we better not limit ourselves with strict rules on these matters. If the break at T was premature, then how about the break above bar 10? With now two bars added (T – 1 0) , the small w had definitely fattened up. Furthermore, before turning bullishly around, bar 1 0 had briefly broken below bar T, which had left a false low on the chart (showing bullish persistence) . And it was a higher low within the Ww-box. Considering also the ideal magnet of the 50-level above, just begging to be targeted, it really would have been a waste not to take our chances on the break of bar 10. Granted, it is not always easy to tell a valid break from a tease break trap. All inclusive 2016.

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