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All inclusive vacations usa family on Beasts of Satan (M) On January 17, 1998, Chiara Marino, 19, and her boyfriend Fabio Tollis, the 16-year-old lead singer for Beasts of Satan, were last seen together leaving Midnight, a heavy metal rock club in Milan, Italy, with other members of the death metal band. The couple’s disappearance remained a mystery for six years until a bizarre confession from a fellow-band member implicated in another murder led shocked Italian authorities and a concerned Vatican to seriously examine the societal influence of Satanism and the occult, especially on young people. On January 25, 2004, Italian police were called to a chalet in the woods near Somma Lombardo on the northwest outskirts of Milan where they discovered in the greenhouse hair and fingers curling out of the earth. The body belonged to Mariangela Pezzotta, a 27-year-old local woman whose bedroom was found to be outfitted with black candles, goat’s head skulls, and other satanic paraphernalia. Inquiries led to the arrest of her ex-boyfriend, Andrea Volpe, 27- year-old guitarist for Beasts of Satan, who quickly offered details of the grisly murder in exchange for information and the possibility of leniency in the six year old case involving the disappearance of Chiara Marino and Fabio Tollis. All inclusive vacations usa family 2016.

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