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All inclusive vacations to hawaii on CHAPTER 8 Market Dynamics 143 I remember a student of mine who was once a young aggressive trader who would pounce on any trade like a new puppy pounces on a ball, all four feet at maximum energy. During the market climbs, he would do extremely well and the word back off was not in his vocabulary. He was continually asking for the next trade. I warned him that once the market changed, and it always does, he would need to exercise some patience and wait for the next cycle of opportunity with long positions. The market did indeed change and I began to short the opens, which in his book was a retreat in the face of the enemy, and he kept going long come hell or high water. I wound up shorting almost exclusively for about 2 months; the poor guy saw his great profits disappear and he eventually headed back into the work force. During one buying frenzy market, I saw a news event that was a wonder to behold. All inclusive vacations to hawaii 2016.

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