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All inclusive resorts hawaii on Although Arbuckle took a pay cut to sign with the Errol Company, what he lost in salary was more than made up for in professional experience. Touring with the company throughout the United States and Canada, the rotund performer learned every aspect of performing from burlesque comedy to stage craft to make-up. By 1908 when the 20 year old signed with the Elwood Tabloid Musical Company, he was a polished performer who moved with amazing physical grace for a man weighing 266 pounds. In Los Angeles with new wife Minta Durfee, an $18 a week vaudeville dancer he married in August 1908, Arbuckle agreed in July 1909 to appear in the celluloid onereeler, Ben’s Kid, for William Selig, the first film producer to set up in Hollywood. Arbuckle made a few more short films for Selig, but spent most of his career until 1913 traveling with various companies in the U.S., Japan, and China. All inclusive resorts hawaii 2016.

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