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All cities of usa on This time prices had found support in the 80-level, with typical resistance in the 90-level area (top of the box). A lengthy fight halfway two 20-levels is always worthy of attention, for a break may benefit from a favorable magnet about 1 0 pip out. By the same token, however, a jailed breakout may soon have the opposite round number kick in, to the detriment of those positioned in the break. But as we know, not every first failed attempt is a harbinger of complete failure. Quite the contrary. The first bull break through the bearish defense was set up by the 1 -2 progression, which had formed a higher low in the box; but there was too little buildup directly below the barrier to look upon this break as a high-odds play, at least from where we stand. Hence the tease annotation (T). All cities of usa 2016.

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