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Alexandria Map on By the way, the inside bar of combi 7 showed a bearish body, which isn’t preferable in a bullish combi setup, but it was still attractively positioned in the higher part of its bullish neighbor; pleasant also was to see both bars share equal highs, which set up a double-bar break. Figure 8.1 2 Session overview: Halfway a bearish Asian session, bulls had broken free from a Ww-box ( 1 -6), but soon met with round number opposition. After being forced to retreat on first go, they built up towards another attack, from which they emerged with a little more to show for it ( 1 0- 1 1 ) . But by the time the EU Opening bell rang at 08:00, all their efforts had been fully undone and they even found themselves busy fighting off the implications of a bear-flag progression ( 1 3- 1 5) . Such can be the fickle nature of victory. Points of interest: Just like the pullback to a trend needs to have a certain slope and span in order to build up consensus on the turn, so too does the smaller w need to relate harmoniously with the bigger W to increase the chances of a successful Ww-breakout. Alexandria Map 2016.

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