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DOROTHEUS of Antioch 3rd c.. Antiochene presbyter of the second half of the 3rd c., ordained by Cyril of Antioch in 290 Jerome, Chron. ad annum. Well versed in Greek culture, he also learned Hebrew so as to pursue his study of Sacred Scripture Eusebius, HE VII, 32,2-4. Eusebius attended some of his lectures and greatly esteemed him for both his doctrine and his life. Eusebius also tells us that the emperor put Dorotheus in charge of the administration of the Tyre purple works. DHGE 14,685-686; DCB 1,899. Albuquerque Subway Map DOROTHEUS of Antioch d. 407. From ca. 365 bishop of Heraclea Thrace, a moderate Arian and supporter of Demophilus of Constantinople. On the death of Euzoius, ca. 375, he was elected bishop of the Arian community of Antioch, but Theodosius’s anti-Arian edict of 381 forced him to abandon the see. He returned to his native Thrace, but then went to Constantinople to take the place of the elected Marinus, considered unsuited by his party. He also had some followers of his theological positions Socrates, HE 4,35; 5,33; Sozomen, HE 7,17.

Disciple, ca. 525, of the recluses Barsanuphius and John in Abbot Seridos’s monastery, he received a precious group of letters of direction from them. He later became head of a monastery and left some Instructions to his monks, Letters and Sentences. The Life of his disciple Dositheus mentions him. Dorotheus made a fine synthesis of the Apophthegmata, the Cappadocians, Evagrius of Pontus, John Chrysostom, Albuquerque Subway Map Mark the Hermit and Isaiah: in short, the traditions of Palestinian monasticism. In his surviving works he steers clear of the christological controversies. Through Theodore the Studite, he would enjoy a great ascendancy over Greek, Russian and Arab monasticism.

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