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Albania Country on If letters are readable, a reader will project sorne meaning into them, but if that projection is incomplete or erroneous, the discrepancy between the materiality of the letter as a 111ark on the page and any meaning ascribed to it becomes momentarily glimpsed in an act of lecture, whieh is the French word for reading. In the second passage, a discrepancy between letter and meaning is even more apparent. In itself a lump of silver is a mere fact, like those surface facts of Sulaco topography the narrative voice objectively and dispassionately names with a kind of ironie reserve that is characteristic of that voiee. Mrs. Gould projects into that lump of silver aIl her hopes for bringing law and order into Sulaco by way of what an often -repeated leitmotif of the novel calls material interests. A typographical error is in French called a coquille, a sheIl, as though one had bitten down on a bit of eggshell in one’s omelet or perhaps as a name displaced from what a broken piece of type in bookprinting is called. Emergency is a coquille. Albania Country 2016.

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