Aland Islands

Aland Islands on M. Although he had been a regular for two dec – ades and even had a dish named after him (fusilli a la Robert Blake), the actor made a point of introducing Bakley (she had often dined there) to co-owner Joseph Restivo as his wife. Restivo and the rest of the staff never realized until then that Blake was married. Rather than taking his usual corner booth, the actor asked to be seated in a booth near the back of the restaurant, but still visible to other diners. Bakley was on her third glass of wine when Blake excused himself and went to the rest room. Another patron later told police he observed the actor vomiting into a waste can, mumbling to himself, and pulling his hair. Other patrons volunteered the celebrity looked shaken and ill as he walked back to the booth to pay his bill. Aland Islands 2016.

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