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Al Qadarif Travel on This is the place where vague terms such as challenging year, and difficult environment are used in place of bad results and problems to describe the less-favorable economic context. Other, frequent excuses for bad performance include unfavorable currency conversion, weak demand, and an unstable economic context. Optimism and confidence in the future are unavoidable mottoes in the conclusion. This means: Please, stay with us! An annual report is an important part of a company’s image. It has to be well-written, elegant, appealing, impressing; it must inspire confidence, honesty, wealth, prosperity. Employees and shareholders, as well as members of the Board, have to look proud of their institution. The annual report not only includes information about the company’s aims, balance sheet, financial data; it features graphs, sometimes color photographs of products, employees, members of the board of directors and executive officers. Al Qadarif Travel 2016.

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