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Al Munastir Travel on This is not the place to argue in detail whether Orphic influence is to be detected in this or that writer or circle of society. But since it is something with which the reader of the classics is certain to be confronted, even an expression of opinion may be of value, especially when it follows on an exposition of what the Orphic doctrine is likely to have been, which gives us the right to attach a certain value to one or two a priori judgments. It should have emerged from our account that this was a religion which ran counter to the most typical and most cherished of Greek ideas. It was not a religion of moderation, nor one which taught men to be mindful of their mortality. On the contrary, it asserted that all men had divinity within them, and that they should strive their hardest to throw off everything else and emerge as wholly divine and immortal. It was not likely that this would be taken kindly by a people whose mentality had shown itself capable of emptying the Dionysiac religion of its original promise of immortality, speaking of his compatriots with a sort of wonder as those who are said to do no less than make themselves immortal, and of interpreting the mysteries of Eleusis in the termi-nology of Homer. The conclusion that I would suggest is that the 1 Internally, there is strong evidence in its elaboration and (considering that we only see it through a number of different distorting mirrors) consistency; externally, there are the names of Onomakritos and other Orphic writers known to tradition, and the fact that the tradition is localized, in S. Al Munastir Travel 2016.

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