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Al Mahdiyah Travel on This interest is the source of his gain. Though some of the notes are continually coming back upon him for payment, part of them continue to circulate for months and years. Though he has generally in circulation [paper currency of] a hundred thousand pounds, twenty thousand pounds in gold and silver may, frequently, be a sufficient for answering occasional demands. By this operation, therefore, twenty thousand pounds in gold and silver perform all the functions which a hundred thousand could otherwise have performed. Fractional-reserve banking gives government, through the banking system, the ability to make more money available to stimulate business activity in economic downturns. For example, the Federal Reserve can lower the reserve requirement, enabling banks to loan out a larger portion of funds from their demand deposits. However, fractional-reserve banks are inherently at risk because they never have enough assets on hand to pay off all their depositors. Al Mahdiyah Travel 2016.

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