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Al Karak Travel on 1 Since the vengeance of Zeus here takes the form of showing his powers as a nature-god, the passage does not altogether support Nilsson’s view, just quoted, that in proportion as the gods are nature-gods, they have nothing to do with morals. This criticism surely has force, even if it be right to say, as he does, that the passage occurs in a simile and therefore in one of the newest parts.2 We need not go into the vexed question of early and late elements in Homer, for if our interpretation of the divine morality is right, chronological considerations have little to do with it, and I have tried to show that they break down when applied to it. It is in fact perfectly possible for the various conceptions of right that we have mentioned to coexist in the same society at the same time, and their coexistence is very naturally explained in the way here suggested, namely by supposing that to the people of whom Homer wrote the analogy between their kings and their gods was a close one. This needs no lengthy repetition. In general the will of a king, or a god, is his law. Neither is above human passions, they indulge in jealousy and favouritism and sometimes use dubious means to secure the safety of their favourites. Al Karak Travel 2016.

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