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Akhmetis Travel on Complaints abound in the housing development of Hemlock Farms in the Pocono Mountains, where a resident herd of 500 deer double what game officials say the environment can support finds refuge from the hunting grounds of surrounding state forests. Residents want the herd thinned but cannot agree on hunting as a means of getting the job done. Meanwhile, deer like this doe browsing in an apple orchard (left) continue to pick the community clean. age human dosage for a 150-pound person would have to be cut to one-fifth to suit a 20- to 30-pound terrier. When Your Dog Is Injured If your dog meets with an accident, there are many ways you can help him before the veterinarian can treat him. Do not depend too much on your first aid, however. If the dog is badly hurt, the veterinarian should be consulted right away. Akhmetis Travel 2016.

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