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Aisen Travel on Berganza takes up with some shepherds and becomes a sheepdog. His job is to protect the sheep fi·om wolves. The shepherds themselves also have that as their primary respons®bility. Berganza discovers that the shepherds, not the wolves, are killing the sheep and stealing the meat. They are killing them in such a way that it looks as if the wolves have done it. ‘God help me,’ said I [Berganza to myself; ‘who can ever put down this villainy? Who will be able to bring it home to the people that the defense is guilty, the sentinels sleep, the truste es rob, and he who protects you kills you? [el que os guarda os mata”’ (551258). In one of the digressive exchanges between the two dogs about backbiting, Berganza promises to bite his own tongue every time he is guilty ofbackbiting. Aisen Travel 2016.

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