Airfare – How I Got My Job To Pay For My Airfare To Thailand

This won’t work for everyone but you might as well give it a shot. A lot of guys quit their jobs before coming out here to Thailand. Don’t! Whatever money you saved up is good but, trust me, if you come out here with just enough savings for 3 months there is a good chance you’ll wish you could stay for 6. I made a deal with the company I worked for that I would work remotely part-time, take a huge pay cut, and come back every three months to work during the busy events in exchange for them letting me expense my airfare to and from Thailand.

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For whatever reason, including tax write-offs, but also because it sounds better, companies seem more willing to let you run up high travel expenses than just give you more money. So, whatever your job (even if you’re a plumber), instead of quitting figure out when a really busy time of year is and promise to come back and work for those few months. If you do some kind of computer work – the type that could be done online – even better. I have a friend that randomly decided he wanted to live in Manhattan, in the heart of New York City. The company he works for is in Silicon Valley, Northern California, the exact opposite side of the country.

They don’t have an office in New York and have no reason to be there but, instead of quitting his job, he simply asked if he could work remotely and fly in once a month for meetings. Surprisingly, the company agreed and even offered to pay for his internet and subsidize part of his rent since he’s not using office space. They pay for him to fly into San Francisco once a month and put him in a hotel for a few days – so he can show his face and still be part of the team. Other than that, he does Skype meetings and works through email . Whatever your job is, figure out if there’s any possible way you can keep it and still go to Thailand for 3 months.

If you can’t, find a way to get fired – seriously! If you quit your job you get nothing; however, if you get fired, you can collect unemployment insurance and use it to fund your life and travels. You’ll have to have the paperwork sent to a friend or family member and pretend you are still in the country actively seeking work but it can be done. I know it sounds immoral and many will think it is wrong – it’s up to you. At the end of the day, that money was from all the taxes you’ve paid over the years but I completely understand if it’s not something you are comfortable doing. A third way to get your airfare paid for, is if your income is high enough and you have your own business, expense it and write it off during tax season. Just have a meeting while you’re here in Thailand and call it a business trip.

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