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Ahuachapan Travel on He opposed British colonial policy in North America. Burke was a contemporary and friend of Adam SMITH, and evidence suggests that while Burke originally arrived at his economic views due to his education at the University of Dublin, and so independently of Smith, the two thinkers appreciated and influenced each other’s subsequent work. The most important assumption of Burke’s thought is his emphasis on the support of traditional order and the maintenance of social stability, two concepts that underlay all of his works. This preoccupation has been related by various authors to Burke’s loyalty to British hierarchical society, his inheritance of Aristotelian ideas and natural law thinking, his conviction that civilized society was the prerequisite for successful commerce (a contradiction to the views of the Scottish political economists, that commerce led to civilized society), or his view that the origin of government lay in its prerogative to protect property. On a political level, Burke argued that social change should occur slowly and organically, according to the inherited constitution of a country, and that tradition, rather than metaphysical speculation, should govern the structure and content of politics. Although Burke’s economic attitudes can be read throughout his works and seen to underlie his complaints about the French Revolution (he thought, for instance, that the debt crisis that provoked the threatened government bankruptcy of 1789 could have been avoided if the government had been prevented from financing its debt in this way), his most explicit economic text is Thoughts and Details on Economic Scarcity (1795). In it, he equated the laws of commerce with natural and divine law, and coined the phrase bite the hand that feeds them in an argument against government food support for the poor. Ahuachapan Travel 2016.

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