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Agri Travel on At the same time, it gives to these plural instances an intensive quality that brings them into relation in contingent and also constitutive ways. Different commons can have radically different kinds of legal and political constitution. The evolution of different historical traditions of juridical regulation, such as common law and civil law systems, is only one mark of this. In many parts of the world the uneasy superimposition of colonial law on Indigenous ways of sharing and establishing normative modes of organizing social arrangements further complicates struggles and controversies surrounding the commons. The unstable divide between natural and artificial commons is also often at stake in these struggles, which in their negotiation of different forms of organization, distribution, and management necessarily move beyond the preservation or conservation of pregiven goods. It would be of little use if a necessary resource like water were recognized as a common good but there were no means for its equitable distribution. Here we confront technical issues of infrastructure, logistics, and even measurement that, although usually confined to the realm of artificial goods, are susceptible to enclosure and thus become an integral consideration in any struggle against the privatization of water. Agri Travel 2016.

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