AGATHONICUS of Tarsus 5th c.. Fictitious author of a corpus of brief texts originally written in Greek but surviving only in Coptic in one complete manuscript and some fragmentary manuscripts. The original version was written in Evagrian circles in the early 5th c. and was revised and expanded in the course of its trasmission in Coptic. The corpus included 1 a treatise against the anthropomorphytes a Coptic version from the White Monastery has been altered in favor of anthropomorphism; 2 a dispute with Justin the Samaritan on the resurrection of the body; 3 a dispute with Stratonicus of Cilicia on various arguments, especially providence; 4 an apology on unbelief. These works are interesting mainly as documentation of the large and small problems that were debated in 5th-c. Egyptian monastic circles, which can be found in Palladius or John Cassian, but only with difficulty in texts produced directly by the monks. W.E. Crum, Der Papyroscodex Saec. VI-VII , Strassburg 1915; T. Orlandi, Il Dossier copto di Agatonico di Tarso, Fest. Polotsky, Beacon Hill 1981; T. Orlandi, Agathonicus of Tarsus, in Copt. Enc. I, 68-70; T. Orlandi, Letteratura Copta e Cristianesimo Nazionale Egiziano, in A. Camplani ed., L’Egitto Cristiano – Aspetti e problemi in et  tardo-antica: SEA 56, Rome 1997, 52-54.
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