LOCATION : At the southern tip of Africa lies the Union of South Africa, comprising the provinces of Cape of Good Hope (Cape Province), Natal, Orange Free State and Transvaal, where Johannesburg is located.

CHARACTERISTICS: Here is a land of contrasts, of wonderful tropical beaches, lush foliage, bright sunshine and high cool mountains, rugged terrain and endless stretches of veld. Brilliant flowers bloom in profusion along the South African coast. Cape Town and Durban are cosmopolitan and gay. There are good hotels, excellent swimming and fishing and all the fun you want. Inland, Johannesburg is an interesting city with a marvelous cool climate. Kruger National Park, the sanctuary for wild animals, is an unforgettable spot. So, for that matter, is all of South Africa, with its color, strangeness and allure. :

POPULATION : Estimated 12,646,375. Cape Town has 577,211 inhabitants, Johannesburg 880,573, and Durban 476,236.

SIZE: 472,550 square miles, one-sixth the size of the United States.

CAPITAL: Pretoria is the administrative capital; Cape Town, the legislative capital; Bloemfontein, the judicial capital.

GOVERNMENT: a self-governing British Dominion; a Governor-General represents the Queen.

HOW TO GET THERE : By Pan American Clipper, 38V4 hours from New York to Johannesburg. By South African Airways, 3 Vi hours from Johannesburg to Cape Town and 90 minutes to Durban. By ship about 17 days from New York.


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