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Afghanistan Map on Murder in Hollywood: The Secret Life and Mysterious Death of Bonny Lee Bakley. New York: St. Martin’s, 2001. McDougal, Dennis, and Mary Murphy. Blood Cold: Fame, Sex, and Murder in Hollywood. New York: Onyx New American Library, 2002. Playboy Interview: Robert Blake. Afghanistan Map 2016.

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I spat on the deck at his feet, he roared with rage at the insult and lunged towards me. He tripped over a lug protruding from the deck, piling face first into a ventilator cowl, a splash of red wiped across his face, he rolled back and lay there groaning and bleeding. I laughed and walked away. Fifteen minutes later, as I sat in the ship’s office, the first mate came to see me; the chief officer and the Old Man were with him. The first mate said: Did you punch one of the dockers? That’s what they’re saying. No, I didn’t punch anyone, I replied. I explained what had happened. They’re going crazy out there. There might be a walk-off. The first mate looked at me accusingly.

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