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Afghanistan Country on They are not presented as the heroic heeding of conscience’s calI in a resolute being toward death that Heidegger praises. Rather than taking possession of her selthood and special situation, her suffering leads her to detach herself from herself, and to see herself as if from a great distance, in a way rather like the detached vision of the narrator: Eustacia could now, like other people at such a stage, take a standing-point outside herself, observe herself as a disinterested spectator, and think what a sport for Heaven this woman Eustacia was (357-8). Clym Yeobright, on the other hand, is presented explicitly as the man who already is what mankind as a whole, in Hardy’s view, is rapidly becoming. He does not blame his lot on destiny or Heaven. Clym is already someone who sees clearly the sad conditions of existence. He is, like Hardy himself: a thoughtful intellectual. His bodily beauty is being consumed and gradually destroyed by thought. Afghanistan Country 2016.

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